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Complete Landscaping Services Available across Adelaide

  • Construction of all types of Retaining Walls in the Adelaide, Outer Adelaide and Regional South Australia by licensed builder


  • Repair and replacement of damaged walls in and around Adelaide
  • Site Clearing and Levelling for Adelaide and regional South Australia
  • General earthworks, including tight access, many different machines available to suit Adelaide conditions

  • Trenching and Hole boring service
  • Concrete and Paving - all areas of Adelaide

  • Stormwater installations and Drainage Solutions
  • Landscaping of all types for Adelaide and Outer Adelaide
  • Low maintenance, cost effective gardens for Adelaide investment properties - including Artificial Turf

  • Natural Turf and Irrigation Systems
  • Fencing for all sububs in Adelaide
  • Garden Features - including speciality limestone carving on walls, pillars, feature walls or letterboxes


  • Driveways to suit Adelaide council requirements

  • Specialist Concrete Cutting  and diamond core drilling
  • Rock and concrete breaking, demolition and removal for all suburbs in Adelaide
  • We'll even custom build a cubby house if that's the thing that makes you and your family happy

                                                                      Adelaide Retaining Walls and Landscaping - cubby house