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Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Cost

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Prices

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls  
Indicative Costs
  • Up to 1.2m tall, allow $450 m2
  • Up to 2m tall, allow $550 m2

Wall height is measured from the ground up, we put in the footings to suit the wall height.

Site Requirements


  • Pricing subject to machine access. 
  • Narrow or Steep site access may incur additional costs.  A site inspection can confirm.
What's Included

The per metre price includes all of the following:

  • Drilling of holes
  • 450mm concrete piers
  • Up to 150UB14 beams
  • 100mm thick concete sleepres
  • Plastic to back of Wall
  • Ag Pipe Drainage
What's not included

 Other costs you may need to factor in:

  • Surveying / engineering calculations or similar council requirements
  • Earthworks / backfilling
  • Removal of soil / earth